The first two of the Detective Al Warner suspense novels garnered rave reviews.



 The Midwest Book Review (The New York Times of the Midwest), wrote: “A masterfully crafted suspense thriller from beginning to end, Death's Angel is a terrifically absorbing read and very highly recommended for community library Mystery/Suspense collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that Death's Angel is also available in a Kindle edition.”   


  The second serial killer in less than a year is prowling the streets of Miami, systematically killing off some of South Florida's most beautiful young women. Detective Al Warner is just back on The Job, fully recovered from a glancing bullet wound to his head after a deadly chance encounter with another madman.  

Warner is in the best shape of his life, but his days are laced with headaches and his sleep fraught with terrifying dreams. Lack of rest clouds his usually laser-sharp mind but doesn’t slow his single-minded hunt for this new killer.  

Angie Dedios is a magnetic man, seducing stunning young women who posed nude for men's magazines. He “redeems” them for their sin in the name of God, brutally strangling them as they complete sex, intoning "the Lord Calls." Warner and the FBI’s BAU become more frustrated as each new death provides plenty of evidence it’s the same Unsub, but no new clues to his identity. They learn the killers name, and realizes it’s really Angel de Dios… the Angel of God… but they are helpless as more beauties dies with no new leads as to his real identity.  

Then Warner’s love, Sharon Clark, becomes a target for this mad man, and Warner must stop him before she is his 8th victim. Only chance again brings them all together in one final deadly dance of terror.  




  Too many infant boys of Palm Beach gentry are dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Only obstetrics nurse, Casey Jansson, is suspicious. 

Al Warner, crack Miami Homicide detective, is inactive, languishing on medical leave after a deadly shootout with a serial killer, “The Angel of Death.” He’s in the best physical condition of his life, but is struggling to convince the Department’s shrink he is not suffering from PTSD. 

Warner meets Casey at a local pub. They are attracted to each other, but misreading the other’s body language, remain reserved. Learning of the SIDS deaths from Casey, Warner concedes it sounds more than coincidental, but can find no obvious Motive or Opportunity. However, he agrees to help investigate, hoping romance develops later.  

Stubbornly continuing her quest for a culprit for these SIDS deaths, Casey leaves Warner a message, and then follows her new suspect deep into the Everglades. Getting Casey’s message, Warner races after her, sure she put herself in danger. But unlike Casey, who had an unwitting guide, he is uncertain where to look. Casey’s obsession eventually tangles her in mortal danger. 

Only Warner can save her, if he can figure out where she went, and get there in time.   


Tracy A. Fischer a reviewer for Readers’ Favorite magazine wrote: 

Just, whoa! That's exactly what I thought when I got to the end of the fantastic new book by author George A. Bernstein, Born to Die: A Detective Al Warner Suspense. This book grabbed me from the very start and had me obsessively reading all the way through until the very end.
 I loved Born to Die. Loved. It. How's that for a review? Well, it's definitely how I felt about this book. As a great reader of mysteries, it's difficult for me to find one in which I can't figure out "whodunit" much before the book is over, but this plot had me stumped. Author George A. Bernstein has done a fantastic job in creating realistic and interesting characters, a fascinating and sympathetic story line, and a simply great read in general! I highly recommend this book to any reader who loves mysteries or just loves great fiction, and I am very much looking forward to reading more from the very talented author, George A. Bernstein, as soon as I possibly can. 

Reader’s Favorite reviewers of both these novels gave the  Five-Star seal of excellence.