The Prom Dress Killer, A Detective Al Warner Suspense Novel


  The Prom Dress Killer   The 3rd suspense novel in the Detective Al Warner series.    

 In response to the many queries I get from my eager fans, the 3rd of my Detective Al Warner suspense series was released in July, 2017.   

Beneath the blazing sun and sizzling streets of Miami, a cold-blooded killer is at work. His victims? Young, auburn-haired women—four, so far—kidnapped and murdered. These victims show no signs of trauma, but all bear the distinct hallmarks of a serial killer. And this psycho leaves behind a sickening calling card: each victim is found clad in a prom dress. 

Homicide detective Al Warner is on the case but this killer has left shockingly few clues, leaving Warner with more questions than answers. Why were these girls taken…and then killed? Is this psychopath intent on killing redheads, and why? What, if anything, connects the victims? Why were the bodies arranged in peaceful repose, wearing prom dresses? How does that square with his leaving these carefully-arranged bodies in dark alleyways, discarding them as if they’re trash? And how long until this killer strikes again?  Sadly, one question is answered quickly when promising young attorney Elke Sorenstan captures the killer’s deadly attention and becomes the fifth victim. 

All signs say the killer is escalating—and that can mean only one thing: he’s bound to strike again, and soon. With the stakes mounting and every tick of the clock marking that fine line between life and death, Al Warner doggedly pursues the ruthless killer before another victim falls prey. Warner’s worst fears are realized when newly-minted realtor, Shelly Weitz, finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Al Warner will have to act fast: the clock is ticking in this deadly game…and Shelly Weitz is dangerously close to dancing with the devil himself—a dance that will surely be her last. 

But as Detective Warner gets closer to stopping this madman, he’ll risk everything … including his own life 

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THE PROM DRESS KILLER is look at how a serial killer is evaluated and then hunted.  It is an intriguing and fascinating read.  Enjoyable suspense novel. I give it 4.5 Stars.